Our investment board has extensive experience working in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate. We have active investments in the sector with master developers, sub-developers, engineering and construction companies, property and facility management companies, real estate owners, funds and asset managers.

CCG International Invest
CCG International Invest

With a investment strategy focused on achieving long-term stable returns, we have developed a deep understanding of how to create value throughout the lifecycle of a real estate project. Our global perspective and commitment to impact uniquely positions us to serve clients on the following topics:

  • • Stategy: Real estate opportunities often emerge individually. In this context, it can be difficult to focus on the whole portfolio and easy to lose sight of broader strategic goals. At the same time, today’s ever-changing market conditions can quickly render existing strategies ineffective and expose a company to risk. In our experience, comprehensive strategies that balance long-term value-creation and the appropriate risk considerations are crucial to success. We assist clients in developing a strategy that addresses three core dimensions—geographic focus, asset class focus, and role along the value chain. At the same time, by identifying key risk categories and drivers, we ensure clients understand and properly manage risk. In recent years, we have worked closely with clients to assess various strategic questions, including scale-up opportunities across cities, portfolio mix across asset classes, product offerings (e.g., luxury, mass market), financing and appropriate debt levels, and ownership and development structures. To ensure a strategy’s long-term success, we help clients develop the capabilities and partnerships needed to sustain it.
  • • Operational Excellence: Value creation has become increasingly important to our clients, who face escalating costs and time pressures. At the same time, efforts to improve operations in real estate are often ad hoc and reactive. We help clients design and implement measures to improve operations and create value across their entire portfolio. We support our clients on the following topics: design optimization and value engineering, procurement, and contracting. Over the course of a project, we work closely with experts who specialize in topics such as architectural design and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering.
  • • Processes: Our investment board works closely with related practices—including Corporate Finance, Organization, and Operations—to constantly test, improve, and expand our tools and knowledge. Through extensive partner service, we have developed best practices for core real-estate processes, such as project budgeting, design and engineering, project management, project approvals, and risk management. Over the course of an engagement, we build our partner’s capabilities in these processes, so that long after we leave, our clients continue to achieve results.
  • • Organisation: It can be difficult for organizations to keep pace with changing business and market conditions. We apply our strong understanding of core business functions to help clients build lean and effective organization structures. To support these structures, we assist our invested companies in defining decision rights and performance management processes. Through leadership development training, we help future leaders build the necessary skills to succeed.
  • • Sales and Marketing: Some real estate players, particularly those with development, asset management, or operations as their core focus, may feel less confident in their abilities to predict real estate demand and drive marketing and sales for a project. We take a holistic approach to address the pricing potential and sales and marketing strategy for a project. We bring resource in Marketing & Sales Partners to apply best practices in areas such as phasing and show flats to help our partners succeed.