CCG Capital has extensive investment experience across vital industries. Our investment board brings a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives from other industries on the challenge at stake, to offer our partners fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights.

Our mission is to provide new standards of excellence in invested industries, delivering rewarding returns for our investors.

CCG International Invest

CCG Capital hold a deep, hands on understanding of the global Telecommunications industry with its founds having had personal business success in this fast paced sector.

As tech executives well know, running software, hardware and technology service businesses require long-term vision and adaptability.

The media industry is in the midst of a sweeping digital transformation as advances in technology and infrastructure continue to reshape how, when and when content and information are consumed.

CCG Capital’s investment board have a long history working with leading construction and building product firms. We have worked with our clients across multiple global and regional construction market cycles.

Our investment board has extensive experience working in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate. We have active investments in the sector with master developers, sub-developers, engineering and construction companies, property and facility management companies, real estate owners, funds and asset managers.

Our investment board have expertise in working with government and national oil companies, major and independent commercial oil companies, petrochemical producers, renewable energy companies, oil field service firms, private equity investors and sovereign wealth funds.